Jul 17, 2014


Good Afternoon People of the World. Well, for those of you who have been following my blog, know that I'm not very keen of living in Lebanon, but definitely that doesn't mean that Beirut does not have all the potentials to be a real Cosmopolitan city with its amazing Architecture which has a blend of Ottoman, European and many more, of course due to the fact that Ottomans and French have ruled it before the Independence. Since I have the privilege to work in one of the most prestigious area of Beirut, every morning I pop up near the Parliament and Downtown Beirut for my Fresh orange or Carrot Juice, say HELLO to our
Parliament Members (which of course never are around), but still, taking some photos on the way back is something I just adore.... Enjoy and stay tuned tomorrow for more :)


Orthodoxe Church

Nice building

Nice building 2

Beirut Streets

Nejmeh Square with its famous clock

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