Dec 20, 2011


Since this blog is called "MyPersonalFind" and it starts to share with people things that we love and appreciate in life through OUR Personal finds, lately I have browsing many blogs and looking at their christmas wishes, made me wonder a bit!!!! Well here you can see from the pictures that there is not
better than having PEACE, LOVE and JOY in life... and yeah for this year MY Personal WISH is
a cute little baby girl :) if God allows (of course first I need to find the man to produce one).

Girls and Boys, Rich and Poor, we all need LOVE in our lives... So please let us not forget that not
everything in life is material gifts or really expensive ones, BUT the love of sharing beautiful moments together.

Dec 19, 2011

ROME nostalgia

Good morning world, sometimes it is look to just relax and look at photos that make you feel somewhere else. Even-though Rome is a very hectic city, but I love it. Happy Monday All! Hope you like some roman photos

Dec 16, 2011


 ELIE SAAB.... a man of vision and success!!! Who in the world does not know yet ELIE SAAB, the infamous fashion designer. Being a Lebanese born myself, I can not be more proud to see this man gradually climb the stairs to reach stardom. I'm so happy for his success in everything and who embraces fame with glamour and class... Can't imagine that a young man who was my best friend's neighbour and I used to bump him and his sisters on the stairs everytime I visited them, can't believe how famous he is now (but can guarantee you that he's still down to earth and humble). On one of my trips to Rome/Italy he was actually with me on the same plane :) Love his dresses and now adooooooooooooore his new and first fragrance which suits every girl who is romantic and stylish. This perfume is a huge success in Europe at this moment... All the shops are selling it like crazy last time I was shopping in Rome :) Still shopping for Christmas????

Dec 15, 2011


STRIPES are my best friend... am totally in love with stripes for any season, i just love it and can't get enough of buying whichever color that I find. Here are some of my favourites that was found at , grab those bikinis and start planning for Spring vacation maybe in Cannes, Monaco or St.Tropez????

Dec 14, 2011


Here comes Part II of Venice trip. Sometimes pictures are better than million words. Enjoy this wonderful city everytime I find myself there. It gives me serenity just my sitting and sipping an Aperol or Spritz (Venetian aperitif drinks) and watching the world go by..... Until my next trip :) what do you think of Venice?

Dec 13, 2011


hello everyone! i'm a huge fan of Massimo Dutti for their quality and elegance. lately been obsessed by the color green which for me is a great alternative to the regular black or brown colors which i never been in love all my life.... am always with colorful items in all seasons. Love this Green coat and the green pullover which can be paired with almost anything. Check out

Dec 12, 2011


All photos courtesy of MyPersonalFind, copyrighted material
Good morning world. As most of you who read my blog know that I've been on European trip in the past weeks, so after leaving Piran in Slovenia, passed by Trieste for a morning cappuccino with a friend of mine had to rush to the train station for the trip to Veneto and stay with another friend of mine. Am sharing with you some photos of my amazing days spent in Venice (a city like no other). Definitely it wasn't my first trip :) as by now I know Venice by heart and find my way out from any angle without even the map! pretty amazing as my Venetian friends tell me with a happy smile on their face... wow you've become a Venetian !!! I hope so, and hope you like the photos. Ciao ciao Bella Venezia, Part II in the coming days. stay tuned.

Dec 10, 2011


One of the blogs that I'm totally in love with for her style and look is Hanneli Mustaparta. She's an absolute charm and elegance ... Loved her photos and collaboration with Rag & Bone NY brand which happened that I also like much. Hope you're enjoying your Christmas shoppings... check out the

Dec 9, 2011

Holiday Gift Ideas Under $ 30

Tom Ford, pack of 5 for $30 at
Rhinestone friendship bracelet $6 at

Leather saddle bag for $26 at

Philosophy Beauty Bath Set $25 at

Bejeweled Eyelash Curler for $18 at

It is sometimes hard to find the perfect gift or even think if your budget will allow to pamper your loved ones this Christmas. Well, no worries! Gifts are gestures and shouldn't be extremely expensive or flashy!!! Here are 5 items under $30 that any woman would need and be happy to get one of the items. Hope you like these practical gift ideas. I would go for the 5 items :) Happy start of the weekend.

Dec 8, 2011

AUBERGINE Leather Jacket

Recently I'm madly in love with the Aubergine color... and wow wow wow for this leather jacket in aubergine color and cost only Euro 149.- at H&M... love it love it love it. Also this amazing cardigan with the same color as the jacket, just made my day. Check out for styles on how to wear them. I'm definitely buying these as aubergine color pops up my eye color and gives an amazing reflect which i adore.Any favourites for Christmas Shopping??


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