Jul 29, 2011


Somethings are taken for granted in life. While i'm writing this post, am in a serenity gazing at the sea and listening to the sound of the water which is so therapeutic to me being a water sign. Everytime I'm stressed or down for a reason, all I do is find myself sitting near the sea, and yep my energy is back and decisions are taken. Could you guess where I might be now?? have a happy weekend people of the world. and if you're in holidays enjoy to the max.



Good morning all. as mentioned in my previous posts, here are some of the treasures found at the Beirut National Museum. It was a huge surprise for me to see such a beautiful collection of pieces from centuries ago, Byzantine, Roman, Phoenician masterpieces. The most amazing part was the unbelievable masterpieces of jewelry, it just made my head turn and eyes roll over the beauty and fineness of that time and glory. Whoever is around in Lebanon, please visit the Museum as it's really worth, and it has survived such a devastating war. Finally it's true to say, People come and go, but civilization stays. check out website: www.beirutnationalmuseum.com for full collection, or just click on the title and you will be forwarded. Stay tuned for some news and great adventures on my way.... 

Jul 27, 2011

Designer Suits in Jail ? GodFather Style

Source: nycmag.com
Today's post is so funny my dear readers! Although i was attracted to the movie GodFather and how Al Pacino interacted as the amazing Sicilian sexy mafia man. Anyhow, I read this story in New York Fashion that 
Quote "apparently there's a prison in Palermo, Italy so overrun by mobster inmates that they walk around in fancy suits and throw elaborate birthday dinners, complete with champagne and lobster. But the new governor is putting an end to such frippery" Unquote. To read the full story which I found hillarious, please go to www.nymag.com, there's this wife of one of the gangsters inside the jail , funny to read the whole article.

Are you with that Sicilian Mobsters get away with everything and then wear those amazing designer suits by Prada, Gucci, Armani??? Me I guess Not...... Honesty and simplicity comes first and above all other luxuries in life.

Jul 26, 2011


This post goes to a dear friend of mine who like me is passionate about jewelry specially handmade ones.Now she's living between Canada and UK and I'm definite that everytime she looks at a piece
of jewelry "for sure" i'm remembered by her. I've been blessed to have some such wonderful friends
which still have strong bounds with me even if circumstances in life sometimes force us to part physically
but surely spiritually the caring for each individual never ends. This is friendship, This is caring for people,
This is appreciating the little beautiful things in life. Found these amazing pieces designed by ANNDRA NEEN at www.shopbop.com , please check them out! My favourites are these.

Jul 25, 2011


Good morning world.... Hope you all had a great weekend (or may still be having at some part of the world). Mine was good. Friday at last visited the Beirut National Museum (what a shame,I travel the world but in Lebanon I never go out and explore the treasures of the ancient Phoenicians). Soon will show you some of the wonderful photos we took at the Museum. Saturday and Sunday at the beach chilling out and eating great fish on the shores of the Mediterranean and dancing to the beats of a famous DJ we had over the weekend. Have loved this Gladiator style shoes which I found at www.Lulus.com , check them out. Happy start of the week.

Jul 23, 2011


One of the styles that I can't get enough is a NAVY look. Who can resist a navy blue bag specially if it's made by the famous Rebecca Minkoff. I just adore these two bags from her new collection and the colors just wants me to take the first boat to Capri .... You can buy them online at www.rebeccaminkoff.com , trust me it's worth it.

Jul 22, 2011


Silver is definitely back and strongly.... Are you ready to put on these gorgeous Jeffrey Campbell shoes ON? I don't not want to think if I'll ever be able to wear one of these high heeled shoes, but girls who dare have my utmost respect.... Found these at www.Lulus.com and very affordable. Check it out.

Jul 21, 2011

FTV Beach: Afternoon Birthday Swim & Beach Party in Athens

Photos: FTV Beach,Athens Courtesy of MyPersonalFind
Kalimera Greece and World.... Poli kala?:) It's well known about the Greek people their generosity and love for life and fun. Here's a simple and small example of how we partied in the afternoon on the beach while enjoying a drink or two with the great music in the background! A lifestyle I adore surrounded by cosmopolitan people who know how to enjoy life in a very classy manner.... Have you got any idea where my next destination will be???? Have a guess and stay tuned for more travel news and photos ....

Do you know this creature?

Good morning world.... Buongiorno Italiani che mi leggono ogni giorno... Yesss this is a jellyfish and it's plenty on the shores of the Mediterranean and for my worst nightmare ever, I was bitten yesterday in a fast and unpredicted manner by a jellyfish as big as this (maybe more).... and all i remember was my right leg turned out completely red and all I remember was panic panic panic and being saved... what a horrible creature and what a pain I still have.... Hope you enjoyed some of Greece photos, which ones you liked most?

Jul 20, 2011

Mykonos Island

All Photos Courtesy of MyPersonalFind

Hey world. Well some memories from Mykonos island in Greece. Mykonos is always Mykonos, impossible to miss the fun and all those cosmopolitan fun lovers who come in thousands every year to enjoy the sun,fun and good times day and night..... Kalimera Greece !!!! Stay tuned tomorrow for the Beach party photos at the infamous FTV Beach Club in Athens where I had my Day-time birthday party with an unbelievable ambiance and a great Beach Event with FTV's DJ.... Cheers.

Jul 18, 2011

Greece Part I (Athens

Photos : Athens, Courtesy of MyPersonalFind

Who does not want to climb the Acropolis at least once in her/his life??? It was such an overwhelming feeling while climbing the acropolis and visualize in my head Socrate with all the Greek Gods of ancient time walking around with those amazing white dresses and gold accessories.... I always adored Greek mythodology and the way they dressed. After Italy and Spain, Greece is my third favourite place to visit. Stay tuned for more photos of the Athens, the islands and my beach party photos with some of the most amazing DJs....


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