Jun 29, 2011

ZARA bags

Hey everyone, is there any girl out there who does not love bags bags bags? I don't think so. Here are some ZARA bags for every occasion and style. You can buy them online www.zara.com

Jun 27, 2011

Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti piece of art not shoes.... What to say! Hope you all enjoyed the weekend. If you like this model, you can buy it from www.shopbop.com and many more models from Zanotti collection. Even new models for F/W 2012.

Jun 25, 2011


Ciao a Tutti. Well my head can't stop spinning when i think about summer and beach. Ready for those swimsuits? Found these amazing ones at Victoria's Secret and all are under 49$ yes, don't believe? check out the website www.victoriassecret.com and start shopping online. Which ones you like most? Basically I loooooooove them all :) Happy Weekend World.

Jun 24, 2011


I salute the world from the Mediterranean. Have you ever wondered how it is like to not work for a year and just explore new cultures and travel to some of the amazing places in the world. Well, I DO all the time and have done it for 6 months and the idea is re-visiting me and haunting me day and night. Although I'm known to travelling to cosmopolitan islands in the Summer where sun, beach, beautiful people, and amazing music is the scene on the background, I MUST ADMIT, recently I'm also loving to go to places where all is quiet and surreal to energize myself. If you want to feel to be reborn again, then it's a must to visit Amalfi Coast. Done it so far 3 times and can do it again and again. Hope you enjoy the photos I took from my last visit to Amalfi and Positano (these are only some of the photos). It's all another story once you step into this heaven of relaxation. Happy start of the weekend wherever you are ....

Jun 22, 2011

DL1961 Denim

 Good morning world. Well who is not in love with several styles of Denim. Nobody that i know does not have at least 2 or 3 pairs of denim in their closet. Today I found DL1961 Denim at www.shopbop.com 
They're so amazing and stylish, and loads to choose from : flare or skinny even straight, you've got them all. Check out shopbop for a great shopping experience. Which style you like most?

Jun 21, 2011


Today 21st June, official start of the Summer. If you still did not head for the beach, so what are you waiting for? I'm in love with basket bags and these are one of my favourites, specially the 1st one with stripes.You can use it for the beach, an afternoon shopping escape, a picnic you name it. Found these in the amazing www.cathkidstonusa.com , check them online as they have clothes and items for home decoration too. Happy Shopping.

Jun 19, 2011

ALLURE Homme by Chanel

One of the perfumes I find irresistible for men is ALLURE Sport. I swear everytime I smell it from thousands of kilometers away, I know my brother is on his way back from wherever he is. It's just so fascinating how the nose follow incredibly sensual and fresh smells. Next time you want to pamper your boyfriend, brother, father, just a friend, wrap a bottle of Allure Sport Chanel and trust me they'll never forget you..... You can buy it online from www.frangrancenet.com 

Jun 18, 2011

BYBLOS in Lebanon

Hi people of the world. How about some sightseeing in Lebanon? Remember I always mention sunsets and chilling out overlooking the Mediterranean? well, yeap, last weekend I was in Byblos for a whole day, which is one of my beloved towns in Lebanon, 7000 years of civilization passed by. This is the only place that makes me relax and let go of the world. Next time you're in the Middle East, It's a MUST you pass by Lebanon and specially Byblos town which is only 20 minutes from Beirut the capital. Enjoy the photos I took while enjoying it all. Soon more to come and some sunset photos. Enjoying the weekend?

Jun 17, 2011

PRETTY in Pink by Free People

Pretty in Pink. I never imagine that Pink and White would fit this much. I love it, check the whole collection and maybe you'll end up buying some really nice stuff at www.freepeople.com

Jun 14, 2011

JOAQUIN CORTES "Historias de un Gitano"

 Hola, Ciao, Good morning, Kalimera, Merhaba, Marhaba, Pari Louys, and the salute in different languages goes on :) Here comes another fascinating and charming person for my eyes and taste: JOAQUIN CORTES, the Infamous Flamenco dancer. After meeting Ricky in London, the same Lucky year, and exactly on my birthday, I was invited to see Joaquin Cortes' show in Beirut. I had no clue what to expect and whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao, was not only amazed by the guy, but also of how he moves those feet where in a second you forget who you are!!!! That same night why still under the shock of the great show I've attended, whaaaaaaaaaaaaao we go for dinner and he's there with his group of dancers. HEYA, ME being the crazy and bold in approaching anyone in my life, I simply go to him, represent myself with the little Spanish I knew at the time, and whaaaaaaaaaaaaao again, he turns to be the most down to earth of people I have ever met. He hugs me to wish me a happy birthday, then a Spanish kiss, then yaaaaaaaaaaaaah, private flamenco dance just for me for the occassion!!! I was about to faint just by the thought I'm with JOAQUIN CORTES.... he was not only amazing that night, after some hours talking , boooooooom I understand he's Ricky Martin's best friend, and yeah, he says why don't you come and visit me one day when you're in MADRID..... oh my gosssssssssssssh, Are you kidding me???? anyhow, he hands me over his phone number in Madrid :):):) I couldn't believe how many amazing things happened that night.... and the worst was, I didn't have my photo camera with me, as it was forbidden!!! but the memory still sticking in my head.

TWO amazing latino artists I had the chance to meet in person, and I would say, Celebrities are much respectful and sincere, then the ordinary people we meet in life. Couple of years later, I go on vacation to Madrid, and booooooooooom a poster in front of me on the street, telling, a new show by JOAQUIN CORTES... ran to buy the ticket, went to the show, and yapppppppp i ask to see him backstage and insist to me him..... well, as always lucky, I again have the chance.... AND YEAAAAAAAAAH HE REMEMBERED ME AND WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE ME AGAIN. WHAAAAAAAAAAO :)

I'm glad he has a new show now "Calé..... Historias de un gitano" , hope you have the chance to go and see it. Check out the shows at www.joaquincortes.org


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