May 31, 2011


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Ciao a tutti. My beloved readers, today's post is not about a dress or a shoes I found, but it's about a man I find FASCINATING in every aspect. For those of you who doesn't know NACHO FIGUERAS, one of the most famous polo superstar players in the world and above that Ralph Lauren's male model. One of the things that attract me like a magnet "is a man who loves horses and horseback riding". It always fascinated me and I find men who ride horses tend to be so classy and gentlemen in life (that might be something in my head only, but I believe it). Just look at the photos and admire how much the horse is happy to be lead by Nachos. Well ladies, this one is taken and he has a gorgeous wife.

I wouldn't mind meeting him in person too, as I had the chance to meet in person many other celebrities in life who made me feel so precious and had unforgettable days. Well I was lucky at some point in my life to have had to chance to meet and be invited by those amazing superstars.BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS and it will come true. Trust me! :) It all starts with a WISH :) 

Soon I will talk about couple of other men who I find so irresistible and charming at least for my taste. How about the men that you find charming? Who you find have charisma?

May 30, 2011


Good morning everyone. Hope you all had a great weekend (mine wasn't that good as I was exposed for much sun all last week chilling out near the sea, well yaaaaaaaaaah I had to pay the price for an emergency visit to the nearest hospital) That's a price to pay after much suntan and Cocktail partying while watching the sunset over the Mediterranean. Anyhow, back to what I've found lately, this unbelievably Jeffrey Campbell platforms at and never ever imagined that Fuschia with Leopard would look so sexy. Visit the site and enjoy the shopping. Would you agree with me?

May 27, 2011

SPRING Looks at ShopBop

good morning world. Today I decided to give you all an idea about what I like and what my style looks like without having the need to post any personal photos. So, here you have some of the most amazing styles/looks that I would definitely wear (and mostly do) specially stripes and white pants. Love it. More or less I buy whatever suits me and I like. Found these looks at more and more I'm loving this online shopping site for the so much variety they offer.What do you think? which one you like most?

May 26, 2011

Win a 5000Euro Shopping spree at

Are you dreaming of that wardrobe with amazing items and pay nothing for it? You've got the chance now! Stylebop the online shopping site is giving you the opportunity. Enter their site  sign up with your name and email and you're in the draw. As easy as that... GOOD LUCK everyone.

May 24, 2011


Elie Tahari

Camilla Skovgaard

Opening Ceremony

Viktor & Rolf

Pour La Victoire
Ciao a Tutti, Hello everyone. As most of you who know me and my readers who come back always have definitely realized my love and passion for colors, which maybe comes out from my love and passion for life itself. I never liked the colors black/brown/grey and that is why today's post is about colorful shoes and wearing one of those in any given day will definitely cheer you up in whatever mood you can be. Even-though this is my fashion related blog, but I wouldn't mind reminding everyone in this world, be cheerful and graceful for whatever you have and be thankful for the lovely friends and family you have as that is all that matters in life. Bad people pop on and off in life, they're here just to remind you of the OTHER amazing people you have in life. I used to have a boss who always complemented me for my cheerful and colorful outfits and resembled me as one of those Brazilian hot chicas (even if I don't find it totally true, or maybe it is:) , but nevertheless, it used to made my day in a positive way! Enjoy Life, Viva La vita. Well I would definitely buy the first 3, how about your decision? Found all these models at 

May 23, 2011

SLOUCHY Trousers

Good morning world. Hope you all had great weekend. Mine was super!!!!!! playing near the sea with a lovely baby (not mine , but my friend's :) then chilling out and watching the sunset over the Mediterranean! One of my favourite holiday looks are the one who make you relaxed and comfortable at the same time stylish. Found all these models at at yessssssss very affordable for the quality and look they represent. Happy start of the week. My favourite look is Nbr. 1 & 2, how about yours?

May 21, 2011


Yesterday and during the Cannes Film Festival, Giuseppe Zanotti the infamous Italian shoe designer revealed his latest masterpiece, this PINK high jewelry Chopard sandal. Could you imagine having a pair of this? Normally don't like the pink color, but hellllllllllllllllllllllllllo this I would definitely crash some banks and buy a pair :) how about your adventures for it?

May 20, 2011

OYSHO Lookbook S/S 2011

It is well known by now that Spanish brands are conquering the world, specially those budget friendly/stylish that can be purchased by anyone without feeling the need to think twice. Defnitely love Oysho for a relaxed and simple look. Good day everyone. Which look you would mix and buy?

May 19, 2011


Old Cast, New Cast

Remember these super girls??? Yes, Charlie's Angels. Recognise their looks??? Yes, It looks like this season's 70's look with those wide pants, Jackly'n white swimwear. It is just amazing how fashion comes back over and over again. I always preferred the original hit series and my ever favourite angel was "Jacklyn Smith" she was the real and the intelligent one which represented me in my daydreaming of becoming a Charlie's Angels myself. Well, it's not that I'm too old if I remember these, but I always have this nostalgia for oldies. Even now when i'm a grown up person, I get fixated in front of TV watching TOM & JERRY.... incredible this baby in me :)))) who was your favourite Angel?

JEWELRY at ShopBop

Today I was in the mood for some serious jewelry shopping (known for my passion and weakness for jewelry, not the real gold and diamond stuff) BUT the fashion accessories which i prefer more. Have made a selection of my finds at  (under accessories) which definitely adore specially those chained rings and the bracelet. Can you imagine wearing this beautiful shellfish cuff on your bronzed body with a stunning white dress???? and the good news is that all are affordable. Happy shopping to all!

May 18, 2011


One of my all time favourite top models Isabeli Fontana is yet another stunner hailing from Brazil. Born in Curitiba on July 4, 1983. Who does not remember her in every Victoria's Secret amazing shows. Who is your favourite model and inspiration?


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