Nov 30, 2011


Around 3 years ago I was on a trip to Istanbul (which I adore) so a friend of mine asked me to buy her some silver jewellry of my taste and bring it back home to her. The moment I saw this piece with these amazing dresses, I can't help but say, wow it's unbelievable that am much forward in fashion then ever imagined. One of the necklaces I chose her was very much similar to this one and am pretty sure she's wearing it all the time with pride and joy. Love it with all kinds of style and that blue dress is to die for.... found these looks at and you can buy online of course! Tomorrow some new travel photos of new destination :)

Nov 29, 2011

Llubljana, SLOVENIA

It has been such a great journey... the months of September and October were like a therapy! After Slovakia, it was time to visit a country which surprised in every way possible... SLOVAKIA. Arrival to Llubljana capital of Slovakia was not that easy, passed by the Viennese Alps by train with super gorgeous and sometimes scary huge mountains covered in green and sometimes white snow and down you look to see the little towns. It was freezing in the train,but the view was worth it all. Couple of hours and we were passing border of the last towns bypassing beautiful lakes. Yep, finally border entering Slovakia. My first visit was BLED (a fairy-take place) then to the capital, Llubljana. If you want to mingle with great and simple people, eat yammi yammi food with a little money, and go around the city without the need for car/taxi/tram/autobus, just on foot in a relaxed manner, then head to Slovenia... you might even meet the President of the country shopping for food in their great organic food market on a Saturday morning (i've been told IT'S the place to see and BE seen in Llubljana). Hope you like some of the photos i'm sharing... excuse my looks, I was just travelling and not fashion modelling :)... After Llubljana, visited an incredibly cool and relaxing coastal town in Slovenia. Tune in tomorrow for photos.

Nov 27, 2011


Unbelievably charming and graceful. Charlotte Casiraghi is a name i've been looking for a lot lately. Honestly speaking, there are some people on this planet who were/are born just lucky! Have always been an admirer beautiful chic ladies with manner and grace who leave a trace after they're gone too... Loved Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and watching Charlotte since her childhood to become a gorgeous and incredibly stylish person, I feel happy about it. Well, French blood mixed with Italian one you can only get the best out of 2 beautiful countries. Viva Charlotte!!!! I'm off to fishing (at least trying to ....) how about you people of the world????

Nov 26, 2011


Well, After many museums and sightseeing in Vienna, it was time again to pack and head to the nearest country to explore. Since my childhood, Eastern Europe has always fascinated me and already recently it's easier for us to discover these amazing countries. YEP!!! It was late September at the time and still beautiful warm weather. Arrived in Bratislava, Slovakia by a bus with other tourists who accompanied me in this marvellous journey in Slovakia (a very small country to other places i've been this time). Hope you enjoy the photos!!! See you later to share the other country I have landed to, where???? stay tuned!
All Photos courtesy of MyPersonalFind, Copyrighted Material

Nov 25, 2011


Hi everyone. So after my goodbye to Prague, decided to take the train and head to Vienna :) although it's my second visit to this city, but who would say No to Mozart, classical music, Imperial palaces and gorgeous gardens. Found myself coping so well in Vienna, extremely relaxed, kind people around, no busy traffic and noise like in Rome... and yah mmmmmmmhhhhhh cosmopolitan city and diverse food, a thing that is missing in Italy (still obsessed with pizza and pasta of course). Anyhow, had great food, amazingly delicious Viennese caffé and mozart deserts :) some photos to share out of the thousands photos of the European Tour. After hanging a while in Vienna and gaining new friends, it was time to leave, but where to???? a very interesting city which was in my mind many years ago to visit, any guesses????

Nov 24, 2011


Lately i'm so much in love with burgundy color that sometimes it haunts me in my dreams... then comes this Isabel Marant suede pants!!!! oh my God, is there anyone who can buy it online at, pay for it and ship to me as Christmas present??!!! :):):):) i'm dreaming of wearing on top of it a white knitwear and one of the zillion shoes i'm buying in italy.


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All Photos courtesy of MyPersonalFind, Copyrighted Material

 After several days exploring Prague and admiring the marvellous sunsets over the Castle of Prague and lots of dance and music on Charle's Bridge, great food, it was time to think of where to head next :) Internet search on my IPhone for cities nearby, and Voila, here I come Mozart! ...

Nov 23, 2011


Good morning world! Well, after Rome my trip to Prague was more than impressive.Always wanted to visit this city and I never regret doing it. Before arrival to Prague have already met interesting people in the plane :) and signs of cheerfulness started sparkling in my head that better is yet to come... This trip and the start of it was never ever planned that's why most probably I had a blast!!! The funny thing is that my ticket was ONE way :) so after exploring all Prague on foot with my gladiator Greek handmade sandals, what did I decide to do and where to next???? tomorrow I will tell you.... :):)


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